Payment Integrations

DaySchedule offers a full-featured online appointment booking system with payments via Stripe, PayPal, Razorpay to accept payment from your customers while booking an appointment or service.

You can easily connect to any of these payment gateway and specify your prices, currency for your event or services to monetize your appointments.

Payment flow

In DaySchedule appointment scheduling software, the payment works by integrating with a payment gateway. A payment gateway is a service that securely authorizes credit card, UPI transactions on behalf of the merchant and passes the transaction details to the acquiring bank for settlement.

When a customer books an appointment through a scheduling page, they will typically be prompted to select a time slot > enter their registration details > redirected to payment gateway for secure transaction.

If the transaction is approved, the payment gateway sends a confirmation back to the DaySchedule and the appointment is confirmed automatically after payment succeeded.

If no payment is received in 15 minutes, the booking is canceled and the slot released back for next customers.

Payment gateways

There are different types of payment gateways available by country, including those that are directly integrated with the dayschedule software and those that require additional integration work.

List of active payment integrations available on DaySchedule

  1. Stripe
  2. PayPal
  3. Razorpay

Here are the detailed comparison between different payment option available to select on your appointment scheduling page -

Follow these steps to connect a payment gateway -

  • Go to connections
  • Click on connect button
  • It will take you to selected payment gateway to authorize and redirect back to DaySchedule upon approval

Features Stripe Razorpay PayPal
Support payment by Indian cards in INR Yes Yes Yes
International payment support in USD/other currency Yes No Yes
Automatic booking confirmation and email invitation when the payment is completed successfully Yes Yes Yes
Update payment details on DaySchedule automatically to see amount, transaction id etc. for each customer Yes Yes Yes
Automatic refund on booking cancellation No No No

The international payment option depends on your Stripe or Razorpay account, please check with their support if you are getting export related errors on international payment.

Payment visibility

The DaySchedule app is integrated with multiple payment gateways for real-time payment processing and automatic generation of receipts and booking confirmation after payment has been received.

Example event with payment enabled -

The booking confirmation email will be sent with payment details, total amount paid with along with receipt of payment-

Payment receipts

DaySchedule also sends the payment receipts automatically by generating a PDF receipt for customers after they have made a payment for a scheduled appointment. The receipt will usually include details such as payment gateway, date and time of the payment, the cost of the appointment, and the event or service booked.

You may also download the payment receipts for each customers later on from Admin portal or mobile app -

Payment failure handling

Automatic payment failure handling in DaySchedule can help you to automatically cancel appointments when a payment fails. It also improves customer satisfaction by ensuring that they are not charged for appointments they did not attend and by quickly rescheduling appointments that were missed due to payment issues.

The automatic payment failure handling can also help in reducing the administrative burden on staff, as they do not have to manually handle payment failures and rescheduling.

Here are 2 main steps taken on day schedule appointment software for failure handling:

Payment retry email

A payment retry email will be sent to customer, if a booking is initiated but no payment received with 5 minutes with Retry payment action.

Booking cancellation email

A booking cancellation email will be sent to customer, if a booking is initiated but no payment received with 15 minutes and the time slot will be released for next customers.