How to customize the appointment registration form?

DaySchedule offers customized appointment forms to build the custom appointment registration page dynamically for events, webinar or services. Using the form builder, you can customize the form fields to match the information you need to collect from your customers.

You can add or remove fields, change their labels, and make fields required or optional.

The best way to start is to determine the information you need to collect: Before customizing the form, think of the information you need to collect from users. This could include their name, contact information, reason for the appointment etc.

The DaySchedule appointment booking system can be used to book appointments online or in-person at reception desks without an email as well. For example, the form can be customized to any of these fields combinations:

  • Name and email
  • Name and phone
  • First name, Last name and email
  • Or any other question you add

Field types

There are a total 9 of fields supported in registration form to add simple and multiple-choice questions.

Field Type Description
text Used for input of single-line text
email Used for input of email addresses
number Used for input of numerical values
tel Used for input of telephone numbers
date Used for input of dates
checkbox Used for selection of multiple options
radio Used for selection of one option from a group
select Used for selection of options from a dropdown
file Used for uploading files

Form heading

The form heading text can be customized or removed, by default it’s: Registration

For example, you can write something like. Schedule your doctor appointment or call on +91 xxxxxx for any help

Form heading

Here are some customized form examples -

  1. Doctor appointment form
  2. Interview scheduling form

Doctor appointment form

A doctor appointment registration form is typically used by healthcare facilities and hospitals to collect relevant information from patients seeking medical consultation. It typically includes fields such as patient name, contact details, reason for the visit, preferred date and time, medical history, and insurance information etc.

The purpose of doctor appointment scheduling is to streamline the patient registration process, allowing healthcare professionals to prepare for the consultation and deliver the appropriate care.

By filling out the form in advance, patients can also save time during the registration process at the healthcare facility.

Interview scheduling form

An interview scheduling registration form is used by employers, HR or recruitment teams to collect relevant information from job applicants regarding the interview. It typically includes fields such as applicant name, contact details, upload resume etc.

The purpose of interview scheduling software’s is to streamline the interview scheduling process, allowing employers to efficiently schedule and manage interviews with multiple applicants.

By collecting information in advance, employers can also avoid scheduling conflicts and ensure that the interview process runs smoothly.